The Bronzino family has been working leather for more than three generations.

Through time the son of the founders, Alessandro, gained extensive experience and a wide handcraft skill.

Thanks to this profound knowledge, Alessandro has been the creative and stylistic source of the company.


Our mission? To create a casual luxury product you can wear across depending in any context.

Our products should reflect the personality who wears it.

“Products are created through the work of our hands, not through ideas.” (cit.)
Alexade designs are imbued with craftsmanship.

Experienced hands working with the tools of the trade manufacture stunning products.


Alexade is a journey into the darkest place of our soul, the most controversial part of us, but also the most true.

It is an impenetrable and dark space, but it is a darkness that serves to take light of falsehood, hypocrisy and superficiality.

If it is true that hell is just a flippant paradise, Alexade is an uncompromising journey through the place where our true essence is forged and where every scar is the testimony of our passage.